PS1 and PS2 Games Could Be Playable on PS4

While Playstation Now is exciting enough, it doesn’t look like Sony is completely satisfied, and may have another trick up its sleeve when it comes to playing games . According to EuroGamer, PS1 and PS2 games could, at some point, be playable on the PS4.

The lack of backwards compatibility could and has been a deal breaker for many people looking at next-gen consoles. Sony killed off the feature in the early days of the PS3’s lifespan, but it clearly hasn’t  been forgotten. Playstation Now remedies many concerns for people looking to play their older games on a newer console (or the many other compatible devices PS Now supports),  but we’ve been pretty left in the dark when it comes to PS1 and PS2 games.

It looks like Sony could possibly be prepping backwards compatibility via local emulation, which could really bring the PS4 even more attention. With support for such emulation internally available within the PS3 and PS Vita, the likelihood of the PS4 emulating older games that won’t be available through Playstation Now is pretty good. This local emulation could also lead to higher quality graphics of the ‘oldie but goodie’ titles that we’ve longed to play on our newer consoles. Oh, the thought.

So what do you think? If Sony announces the ability to play PS1 and PS2 games on the PS4, would you grab one?

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[Via: Eurogamer]

  • parrotcam

    is local emulation different than just regular emulation?
    when i used to run old console emulators on PC, the games would pretty much play exactly the same as they did on the old consoles. I didnt see any improvement in graphics or performance.

  • Sam

    Ah the good old days, allow me to guiltily but happily play Crash Bandicoot again. Ta.

  • dumdumyonuts

    Load of bullsh*t.

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