What’s wrong with BlackBerry phones?

What's wrong with BlackBerry phones?

For one reason or another BlackBerry is having hard time moving its devices off the shelves. Sure they don’t have an app eco-system as vivid as those of Google and Apple, but the Canadian company has north of 100,000 apps. And a great platform.

In fact, I would add that the QNX-based BlackBerry OS 10 is much faster than any other smartphone OS out there. Everyone who tried Z10 or Q10 was amazed with its speed and real multi-tasking abilities. You see, unlike iOS and Android, BlackBerry won’t “pause” one app while you’re using the other application – it will keep running both of them like it’s nobody’s business. And check this out – all BlackBerry OS 10 phones have rely on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 dual-core chip. The system is that optimized.

But… it doesn’t sell. You may think BlackBerry phones don’t have the right UI. Wrong again; Canadians licensed many things from Nokia, including some camera software stuff and UI, elements of which have already been used in Nokia N9, the first (and only) Maemo smartphone, and the newly launched Jolla phone.

How about a web browser? Wrong again. Just like the its operating system, BlackBerry’s browser is super-fast, easily outperforming any other mobile browser on the planet on all popular benchmark sites.

But, key apps are missing. You can’t have Netflix, Instragram, HootSuite and few other titles on your BlackBerry Z10. You can side-load them as Android apps, but you won’t get the same experience. At least I don’t see it as such. Plus, if you want a smart watch – chances are it won’t work with your Z10, Q10 or Z30.

So what’s wrong with BlackBerry? Simply put – they need to invest more in marketing. And design. And PR. The blogosphere doesn’t like BlackBerry and that’s a big problem for the company. So they’re turning to enterprise and government customers, hoping BlackBerry’s intrinsic security will be enough to convince these client to jump on board.

To get consumers, on the other hand, they need to allow many of them to try out their devices. And release another (and another) statement that BlackBerry is here to stay, convincing the general public they won’t be buying a device that will soon be unsupported.

As I’m writing this, I still couldn’t get the Z30 to try it out. I’ve played with the Z10 and while I was impressed with the OS, I couldn’t but notice the unforgiving phone to screen size ratio. The bezel around that 4.2-inch screen is super-thick making the phone that much bulkier. The situation is different with the Z30, which I still want to try. So I’m hoping someone from the BlackBerry team will contact me and offer a review unit. That’s how the goodwill is generated – by going for bloggers who actually like what BlackBerry has created. 😉

  • Jamie Young

    Great article Dusan. I have the Z30 and since you were really impressed with the OS on the Z10, you will love the Z30. It fixes all the short comings of the Z10. It has a huge battery, incredible signal reception thanks to its Paratec antena and the edge to edge glass design is much sharper looking and feeling than the Z10. The speed is bumped slightly with a 1.7 Ghz processor and a quad core graphics processor. Once the update comes out over the next few weeks to 10.2.1, Android apps will no longer need to be side loaded. Unfortunately there will be no access to Google Play as of now but apps can be downloaded from many third party sites including Amazon and the rumor is that BlackBerry is trying to get even more Android app developers to submit their apps to BlackBerry world and there will be a section within there for Android apps. Either way, the app gap should begin to shrink rapidly if there is any up demand in the phones.

  • Seq

    I used to have Android devices in the last couple of years, always high end and I really loved the,. I have now completely switched to Blackberry (Q10 and Z30) and all of a sudden my Android phones feel laggy. The best thing is the hub which is basically a unified inbox and I wonder why no other platform is offering something like this.
    Only downside is that I can not use Amazon Audible at the moment but after the update of the OS in a couple of weeks this sould not be a problem as well. I am OS agnostic and for the time eing I’ll stick to Blackberry until something better comes around.

  • xBURK

    Well, because of today’s worldwide 10.2.1 update, all BB10 phones can download Android apps. Plus, you can use a Pebble Watch with BB10 phones. BlackBerry has a long way to go with reputation. The old crew really messed up the launch of bb10. That’s a given. For me, (and now hopefully others) Mr. Chen is really going to put respect back into this company. The employees deserve their work to be noticed. BB10 is by far the best operating system with loads of room to improve. No matter what, it’s a great day with this update for BlackBerry. Try one out. You will be shocked at how people could ever turn there heads at a BlackBerry logo.

  • Dylan

    The app gap was closed today so maybe we’ll see some folks move to blackberry. I know I look forward to it when I’m done with my iphone

  • Quwat K. Sunny

    Recently got rid of iPhone s4 and switched to blackberry z10. I am loving it. It is a decent professional phone. Who cares how many billion apps iPhone has. I hardly used 10 apps and those too came with bloody unwanted advertisment.

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