Google Q4 2013 Earnings Driven By Play Store Sales, Chromecast and Nexus 5

Google has released their Q4 2013 earnings, coming up a little shy of expectations but still delivering huge profits due in part to Google Play Store sales, Chromecast and the Nexus 5. This marks the first time in Google’s history that the company’s revenue hasn’t been driven by advertising alone, with hardware and Android apps pulling in massive revenue.

Wall Street had estimated that Google would deliver $16.75 billion in revenue and $12.26 a share in Q4 2013, and topped that with $16.86 billion in revenue. Shares came up shorter than expected at $12.01 a share. In the same period a year prior, Google pulled in $14.4 billion in revenue and stock shares priced at $8.62.

As expected, Motorola did attribute to Google’s losses in Q4 2013. Moto’s losses for Q4 were $384 million. Total Motorola losses in 2013 add up to $1.113 billion.

For more information of Google’s Q4 2013 earnings, head here.

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