Microsoft Running Crappiest Promotion Ever: Trade In a PS3, Get $100 Towards an Xbox One

In an attempt to get gamers to convert from Playstation to Xbox, Microsoft has conjured up a very ridiculous promotion. Customers who trade in their PS3 consoles will receive $100 off of a new Xbox One console. Haha, very funny, Microsoft. We all know that the PS3 could fetch at least $100 if not more by selling on Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon. Plus, since the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, we could always save our PS3’s and grab a PS4 without sacrifice. The Xbox One is currently priced at $499, while the PS4 is $100 cheaper at a price of $399. Why is the Xbone more expensive, one may ask? Because Kinect, that’s why.

The promotion is running until February 28th, and is valid in Microsoft retail stores and cannot be obtained online. The PS3 must be in good working order and have no cracks or water/liquid damage.

Wow, what a crappy deal. That’s basically like trading in your PS3 for a Kinect, which comes bundled with the Xbox One. Not only is the deal a super shitty one, the chances of converting members of the Playstation camp into Xbox fans is tantamount to discovering the image of Jesus on your charred toast. Console allegiance runs deep, especially in this generation of consoles. Chances are PS3 owners are going to upgrade to a PS4 when they get the chance, and for $100 less than the Xbox One. Plus, with the amount of awesome games Sony is giving out to PS Plus members this year, giving up your PS3 would be a horrible move.

So, what do you think about Microsoft’s latest promotion? Does it sound good to you, or does it piss you off? Let us know in the comments.

via: Ubergizmo , NeoGaf

  • Lacerz

    I was totally going to take advantage of this offer, but then I saw that Metro: Last Light, Payday 2 and Remember Me for the PS3 were all coming to Playstation Plus IGC in February. Now I have to keep my PS3. Darn you Sony!

  • Tojen1981

    What a joke. What will I do with all the accessories I’ve bought for it? For $100, I’ll just keep it and and use it as a really nice blu-ray player. Or give it all to goodwill, maybe. No way in hell I give it to MS for a sub par machine.

  • MSFanBoy

    Sounds like someone is butt-hurt. MS offers up cash to dispose of garbage machines like the PieceShite3 and you feel the need to cry and call names. XBox One is far better than that PieceShite4 as well, and the PieceShite4 should be $300 less for what it offers. Xbox is so much more than a superior gaming console, it offers a true entertainment value that no other system can match. So the name calling and unfounded trash talk can go both ways you biased fail blog writer.
    Have a great day!

    • Tojen1981

      Where does it state $100 cash? Everything I’ve seen reads as a credit towards a new Xbox one.

  • biggrobb

    Msfanboy is on that shit again xbox1 inferior to the PlayStation 4

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