Nexus 6 to be made by Lenovo?

Nexus 6 to be made by Lenovo?

As part of the Motorola acquisition deal, Lenovo may’ve also scooped the right to make the next Nexus phone, well-connected Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin has tweeted. He went on to add that this could easily be the last Nexus device ever released, with Google switching to “Play Edition” devices from 2015 onwards. Or — this could be cool — it may just offer a single Project Ara device that could be customized in a way every single user wants.

Lenovo didn’t get Project Ara as part of the Moto acquisition, and that part will stay with Google. So it makes perfect sense that at one point, the search giant uses this technology for its own devices.

Unfortunately, Project Ara isn’t something we’ll see launching in the next month or so. Rather, we’ll likely have to wait for another year to be able to try out the first customizable smartphone. Again, we’re hoping Google’s engineers are fast & furious, working round the clock to turn Project Ara into a real product everyone can buy… and customize… 😉

  • Tojen1981

    Lenovo makes good stuff, and Motorola could be just the ticket for them to get a foothold in the u.s. market. Sad to see the nexus line go though.

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