SwiftKey comes to iOS in the form of Evernote-connected note-taking app

SwiftKey comes to iOS in the form of Evernote-connected note-taking app

SwiftKey is now available for iOS. But you can’t use it across all apps. Its availability is limited to a single application made by (guess) SwiftKey — SwiftKey Note is a free (guess again) note taking app that sings along Evernote.

iPhone and iPad fanboys may think Apple’s default keyboard is the best thing in the world. Wait until you try SwiftKey – it’s much, much superior solution, relying on artificial intelligence algorithms to correct the words your typing and even predict the next word (you’ll type). Best of all, it learns from its users – so that the more you use it, the better its predictions become.

Bear in mind this isn’t the full-blown Evernote app so some features are not there. But you still get a ton of options to organize your notes the way you used to. Plus, all new entries and changes can be automatically synced with Evernote, making your notes available from an array of different devices and the web. Yeah, this is one of those must-have apps for every iOS user out there.

SwiftKey Note (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • chupatribra

    Maybe it could have corrected your misuse of “you’re” in the second paragraph.

    Seriously, this might be valuable to note-taking tasks, but the suggestion is just one of the features I like about it on Android. I was surprise this app does not include the swipe-typing typically on Android keyboard enhancements. I miss that feature when switching from my Android work phone to my personal iPhone and wanted to see if it added anything to the iOS experience. Perhaps they tried it and found that the predictive key selection of iOS made it less valuable.

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