Archos working on a Windows Phone device?

France-based Archos may be looking to enter the Windows Phone space. Speaking with TrustedReviews, the company’s CEO Loic Poirier said he felt the [Windows Phone] market is now mature enough after a number of years of gradual growth.

“We will launch a Windows Phone handset when the time is right,” he said, adding that “before anything else we are focused on Google.”

Those words alone should ring a bell at Redmond headquarters. It’s not like a ton of vendors are making Windows Phones these days. Perhaps if Microsoft could help (read: pay) the French company, they could launch their very first Windows Phone device by the end of this year.

Archos is best known for its affordable tablets though it also makes some mid-range smartphones, and is now entering the wearables space. While I personally haven’t used many of their products in the past, the fact that we have more companies in the space is ultimately great for consumers with prices going south at the end of the day…

[Via: WMpoweruser]

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