AT&T unveils new affordable family plan

AT&T unveils new affordable family plan

AT&T has unveiled a new family plan, which promise to deliver significant savings to smartphone-savvy families.

The main pitch is simple – a family of four can get unlimited talk and text, plus 10 gigs of shared data for just $160 per month.

The basic service with two lines costs $130 per month and includes the same amount of data (10GB), with each additional line costing another $15.

According to AT&T, this new offering is up to $100 cheaper than what Verizon Wireless is offering. Bear in mind that under this scheme you won’t get a subsidized phone, and you’ll either have to buy it unlocked (like Nexus 5) or rely on AT&T Next financing to do so.

Still we think it’s pretty solid deal. What do you say?

Here’s a short demo video to convince you to jump ships.

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