With Motorola on its side, Lenovo wants to surpass Apple and Samsung

Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang

You know that Lenovo is the new owner of Motorola, right? The Chinese firm doesn’t hide its ambitions to become the world’s biggest mobile device maker.

In an interview with CNN Money, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said that their mission is to surpass Apple and Samsung. That’s right, the Chinese have such big plans.

“We are very complementary to each other,” Yang said. “Together we can win in the smartphone industry. Lenovo currently has China and emerging markets. They [Motorola] have the U.S., Latin America, and a little bit of the European market. We are both committed to innovation. They have very strong engineering capabilities and very good relationships with carriers.”

And we tend to think these guys are onto something. Lenovo has been growing like crazy in its home market, and with Moto on its side – it has the capacity to become one of the top brands in the West.

Yang said that Lenovo will continue to leverage the Motorola brand, presumingly for selling high-end gear in Europe and the U.S. In addition, he noted that the company wants to competing “in the full range” handset product segments, eventually offering an array of different models for different consumer groups. If it can work for Samsung, it gotta work for Lenovo, right?

  • PulSamsara

    All this means to me is that I’ve now crossed Motorola smartphones off my short list – or any list.

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