5 Things to Know About Lenovo’s Acquisition of Motorola

5 Things to Know About Lenovo's Acquisition of Motorola

Last week, Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google. Few days later we’ve heard some additional details and here we want to quickly sum it all up. Here are 5 things you should know about this deal.

1. Price
Lenovo paid $2.91 billion for Lenovo.

2. Project Ara
Project Ara, which envisions a modular phone, is apparently not included in the deal. The team behind this project will be integrated with the Android group at Mountain View.

3. Moto brand
For the time being, Lenovo will continue to use the Motorola brand, presumingly to get customers in the West.

4. Nexus 6
Perhaps as part of the deal (perhaps not?), Lenovo has reportedly scored the right to make the next Nexus smartphone – Nexus 6.

5. Future plans
In an interview with CNN Money, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said that their mission is to surpass Apple and Samsung. Bold plans.

And that’s it. By clicking on the links above, you’ll get additional details on each of the subjects. 😉

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