BlackBerry Padfone could be a game changer

BlackBerry Padfone could be a game changer

Just recently I’ve talked about how great BlackBerry’s platform is, even though the Canadian company has hard time convincing users to buy their gear. Today I want to imagine the perfect BlackBerry device. And that’s an easy task – all we need is a Padfone-like device running BlackBerry OS.

As I’ve said it in the previous post, BlackBerry has an amazing web browser which easily outperforms many (if not all) other mobile browsers. And that goes for all mobile devices and platforms. If you run BlackBerry Browser through any HTML5 benchmark site, you’ll see how easily it tops the chart, leaving competitors in the dust.

Now imagine that great browser on a bigger screen. That’s right, you get a Chrome OS-like experience. Add a Padfone-like design to the mix, and you get a perfect mobile device. And I’m talking about the original Padfone, which included the keyboard dock (in addition to the tablet station), not the newer models which lack the ever-useful keyboard.

That said, I’m wondering whether BlackBerry executives are thinking between the same lines. The way I see things, the Canadian company *must* go beyond traditional form factors to succeed. Even though they have a rock solid technology, they face extinction.

Remember Sony’s Beta Max? It was way superior to the VHS; alas, it never caught on. Is BlackBerry a new Beta Max? What do you think?

  • Chris

    I think this is a great idea. As a BB10 user I would love the experience on a bigger screen. The current obstacle I see is the lack of full landscape support of the OS. I imagine the Q10 screen ratio is fine but as a Z10 user, I often use HDMI out, it is rather frustrating (apps page & twitter amongst others do not rotate for example). This should be solved regardless of your idea. Funnily enough I am also a Chrome OS user, but would not hesitate to ditch my Chromebook for a BB10 padfone. It would also retain the benefits of gestures on the tablet screen.

    It possibly wont happen due to conservatism amongst BB management today, they cant afford another playbook/z10. Not sure how they could generate the interest in the product. Perhaps through pricing, break even but rebuild the brand.

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