HTC M8’s on-screen buttons revealed

HTC M8's on-screen buttons revealed

We’ve already told you that the upcoming HTC M8 will dump capacitive buttons below the screen for on-screen keys. This in turn will allow the Taiwanese company to make its next flagship device more pocketable than some competing products. In fact, it is said that thanks to these on-screen buttons and thinner bezel around the screen, the M8 will be smaller device than the HTC One, despite rocking a bigger 5-inch screen. It may, however, be bigger than Galaxy S4 if HTC decides to keep its front-facing speakers.

Anyway, the image above says it all. You can see the evolution of HTC’s buttons from the One X to M8. We’re still not sure how the new flagship will be called at the end of the day. More to come, obviously…

[Via: HTCsource]

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