AT&T Gives Up On Poaching T-Mobile Customers, Cancels $450 Switching Promotion

AT&T has discontinued a program which offered T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch from the magenta carrier to AT&T, just a little over a month after it had rolled out as a pre-emptive strike against T-Mobile’s UnCarrier 4.0 announcement.

AT&T rolled out the offer just a few weeks before T-Mobile CEO John Legere was set to make an announcement revealing a new UnCarrier move, which was rumored to pay off customers who switched their wireless service from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to T-Mobile. That rumor ended up being true, with T-Mobile announcing at CES 2014 that they would indeed pay off a switching customer’s ETF and provide a credit when customers traded in their new devices. T-Mobile is currently offering up to $350 towards a customer’s ETF and up to $300 for a traded in smartphone when switching.

T-Mobile’s gamble has paid off, with customers switching to T-Mobile in droves. While no hard numbers have come out about switching customers, a report from a few weeks ago show over 80,000 participants in T-Mobile’s “Breakup Letter,” a social networking campaign which encourages customers to send a “breakup letter” to their old carriers.

Why AT&T ended their promotion is unclear, as AT&T hasn’t commented on the program’s abrupt end.

via: PCMag

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