Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 Lands On March 25th

Finally, we have a solid release date for the highly anticipated second episode of Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea. Mark your calendars for March 25th, because that’s when you’ll be able to buy and download the expansion, bringing a little more Rapture into your life.

As you probably know already, Burial At Sea episode 2 will have you playing as Elizabeth, trying to save Sally in Rapture. Of course, you’ll get the added benefit of having the ability to rip holes in different dimensions, bringing in helpful items or allies to aid you as you see fit. While you essentially had this power when playing Bioshock Infinite because Elizabeth would tear a hole into anything Booker asked her too, it’ll be interesting to see if this changes at all now that you’re in her shoes.

What’s even better than a solid release date of Burial At Sea Episode 2? How about that it will be much longer than Episode 1? That’s right, you’ll potentially get five to six hours of game play with the upcoming DLC. Episode 1 was solid for what it was, but the ultra short game play left many wanting more. It certainly looks like Irrational Games had their focus on Episode 2, and by the end of next month, we’ll see just what the team has been working on.

If you’ve yet to play Bioshock Infinite, we suggest you go out and grab a copy now for PC, PS3, or Xbox 360. You won’t regret it.

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