Humpday Funnies: Rob Ford’s Life as Told Through Facebook

Facebook turned 10 yesterday, and they’re not letting you forget it. In honor of their 10th year on the internets, Facebook introduced little one minute movies for all Facebook users which highlights the triumphs of your life as seen through Facebook. A little creepy, a little tearjerking.

If you haven’t checked out your “Look Back” movie from Facebook, head here and get ready for an interesting look at your life as Facebook knows it.

So now you’ve seen your story. How was it? No matter how awesome you may think your “Look Back” movie was, I guarantee you there’s one that tops yours.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s “Look Back” video somehow managed to make its way to YouTube, and it is amazing. It’ll make you rethink how you’re living your life, and hopefully inspire you to grab life by the horns. Well it may not be that inspiring, but it’ll crack you up.

Check it out below!

via: Gawker

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