LG’s Smartwatch Could Kick Some Serious Ass

Smartwatches. Whether you love them or hate them, they’re rolling out in every direction. With Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm and more already offering up such devices, it’s only a matter of time before we see other companies ship their very own products, showing what they think a smartwatch should be.

With all eyes on Apple’s iWatch, two familiar tactics are in play from the competition. Either get the product out as soon as possible to build up your following before Apple brings its smartwatch to market, or wait until it’s been released and show the world how much “better” it is than Apple’s “revolutionary” device.

The simple answer is that Apple’s smartwatch, whenever it is released, will likely be the best device in the market. Or at least the most popular. Still, it’s wildly unlikely that it will be compatible with non-iOS devices. No matter how “cool” an accessory is, it’s not going to make Android fans switch over to an iPhone. Believe me, I really tried when iOS 7 was released and that didn’t last long.

With the market soon to become saturated with companion devices like smartwatches, there’s one company that we think could bring such a device to the market that could be the go-to Android smartwatch, if done right. LG.

While there are a ton of rumors swirling around that Apple’s iWatch will ship with a curved display, there are seemingly the same amount of rumors saying that it won’t. LG, on the other hand, has already showed the world that it has the technology to bring curved and flexible displays and batteries to the market, and this could translate to something great in the smartwatch market.

The LG G Flex, as massive as it is, it a real accomplishment for the company. Unlike other curved smartphones we know of, LG’s literally flexes. If the company brought the same technology to a smartwatch, it could get some serious attention. Hell, we’d be very surprised if LG isn’t doing exactly this behind closed doors right now.

Of course, this all completely speculation. With LG’s Lifeband on the way, there’s a possibility that the company is holding out on bringing a smartwatch to market. We’re more than aware that there are technical hurdles that would need to be dealt with, but LG has done more than any other company at the moment to prove that it can bring the fight with such technologies that others aren’t ready to ship. Otherwise, the Galaxy Round would be something worth paying attention to.

How well do you think LG will fare in the smartwatch wars?

  • chad

    Very good point!! LG are the wolf in sheeps clothing just going about their business ready to surprise the masses with real cutting edge technology and designs. LG is definately the dark horse in this crowd.

  • dt and co

    You know, I am really surprised that people keep talking about curved screens.
    In reality for a watch it will not work with present technology.
    Curved screens (concave) are OK. So smartphones can sport those no problem.
    BUT, Curved screens (convex) on a watch, or anything in the sunlight or under even strip lights, is an absolute non starter.
    Its bad enough trying to read a hi res flat screen in bright light, never mind a convex curve.
    Another funny comment often found on forums about smartwatches is that people are expecting Apple to produce a smartwatch with all of the functionality of the (£600) i-phone, super miniaturised, and at 1/4 of the price of a i-phone (£150). Yeh right, of course they will.

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