How To Download and Install Flappy Bird on Your Android Device

If you were paying attention to the internet at all last week, undoubtedly you heard about the iOS and Android game Flappy Bird. The game became an overnight success, racking up over $50,000 a day. Sadly, the game’s developer pulled the game from both Apple and Google’s app stores, leaving addicted players around the world without their fix. While getting the game on an iOS device now is next to impossible, Android users can still enjoy the game by downloading and installing it manually.

Don’t have Flappy Bird installed on your device but want to try it out, or need to re-install? No problem! Just follow our guide below and you’ll be flapping in no time!

Basically, what we are going to do is download the game and install it on our Android device. Android apps and games carry the filename .APK, and can be installed without the help of the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Download the Flappy Bird .APK

Download the .APK from one of the links below. Put the file in a safe place on your PC, as we will be transferring it to your Android. Needless to say, the game is being downloaded like hotcakes so I’ve included a few links to the .APK  just in case one of the links isn’t working.


Flappy Birds (mega)

Flappy Birds (Google Drive)

Flappy Birds (Filecloud)

Step 2: Transfer .APK to Android Device

Make sure your Android device is connected to your PC and transfer the .APK to your device’s internal memory or external SD storage.

Step 3: Android Settings

If you’ve manually installed apps or games on your Android device before, you can safely skip this step. 

By default, the option to manually install apps on Android devices is disabled. In order to manually install apps, we need to enable the installation of unknown apps or .APKs on your device.

  • Android 2.3 (and below) – Go to Settings » Application » check ‘Unknown Sources’ box.
  • Android 4.0 (and above) – Go to Settings » Security and check ‘Unknown Sources’ box.

Step 4: Install Flappy Birds .APK

For this step you’ll need a file explorer app which will install the .APK. If you don’t have one yet, download File Manager here. There are a number of file manager apps for Android, and all do pretty much the same thing. Open up your file manager app and locate the Flappy Bird .APK.
Next, click on the file and the File Manager will ask you if you want to install the program. Click yes, and Flappy Birds will begin installation. Follow all on screen instructions.
That’s it! Flappy Birds is now installed on your Android device. Now get to Flappin!
Of course, there are a ton of Flappy Bird clones out there that are funny to say the least. Check out Happy Poo Flap for Android! There’s also an Osama themed clone, Flappy Osama! The same mechanics of Flappy Bird, starring poo or Osama. How could you resist?
  • arizonamatt1

    Thanks … are awesome

    • Maniek2

      You can download flappy bird here dinxteam. com/flappy-bird-download-apk-ios-android/

    • Tuan Leo

      You can Download Flappy Bird 1.3 Orignal APK
      http:// download-flappybird-apk.blogspot. com/2014/02/download-flappy-bird-for-android.html

  • Hector Victorian

    I have a kindle fire 2, im not sure how this works and Ive been trying for about an hour, any help?

  • Shashank Rsthore

    Yes the latest version is the version 1.3 if you want to download it you can download it from below.

    Original APK : apklatest com/2014/02/flappy-bird-apk-1-3-download/
    Modded APK : apklatest com/2014/02/flappy-bird-apk-1-3-download/

    It has been tested, and it’s working .

    • Guja

      I am among the few who have the original APK file so that it is not advisable to say that this or that is “original”, miraculously installation file remained on teblet and why we have it.

  • Suhyuk Kang

    Hi. Here’s the easiest way to install Flappy Bird on your Android device.
    Get “Send Anywhere” app on your Android device and tab Receive > input key “722224” . Then you will be downloading Flappy Bird app and install. Expiring in 48hr!

    • paul

      wont let me install

      • Suhyuk Kang

        Check your device setting > security > Unknown sources -> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

        • A_no_nym

          I have done that, but it still won’t let me install. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 if that matters.

        • A_no_nym


    • EddyChew

      hi Suhyuk Kang ,

      it work.have download the game but still i don’t understand why the fuss with the game. i tried it, average game like mario bros…anyway thanks for sharing.
      Anyway my phone is rooted and i am not sure if Paul phone rooted or not rooted?

      • Suhyuk Kang

        Hi Eddy! Free app apk file sharing & installing via Send Anywhere is available for any devices, no matter rooted or not.

  • NeotechGamer

    or you can just install Aptoid and done

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Best thing about Android. APK’s

  • pdawn

    Hi. Will people know whether this is the original version. Phones are selling like hotcakes for a higher value with flappy birds and I’m just wondering would a buyer be able to check if it has been downloaded from Google Play or not. Thanks

  • anthony


  • ash

    just look for it on the aptoide store

  • justblu42

    I just followed the link and downloaded it to my galaxy s4. I didn’t even use a computer. Just go to settings and allow unknown sources. You’re package installer will take it from there.

  • VladM

    Thank you so much, I didn’t have the chance to download it from Google Play.
    But now I can play the game, thx again ! 😀

  • Tuan Leo

    Download Flappy Bird 1.3 Orignal APK
    http:// download-flappybird-apk.blogspot. com/2014/02/download-flappy-bird-for-android.html

  • Krock

    Can’t you just install it from the direct link on Google play or would you to have had to download it before first?

  • johnsport

    Very easy!!! Go to play store, @ install 4shared,then log in ur email after that search flappy bird…

  • Kevin McCarty

    Hi, I use a hack for Flappy Bird that made by bird invincible, removed all pipes and ads, and let me edit my score. Here it is: http://g4mehacks. com/flappy-bird-hack/ I have tried it on my iPhone 5S and I really enjoy it :)!!

  • guja

    I have original APK file flip birds for sale!

  • eBay Lover

    Now it’s time to sell that phone on ebay and get rich!

  • daff

    What about iphone 5?? Cant install it! 🙁

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