Meet Google Ass: Japanese Invent Smart Diaper

2014 is the year of wearable tech, and the next innovation in wearable devices may not be as glamorous as one would think. Forget Google Glass, it’s all about Google Ass. That’s right, the Smart Diaper is here!

A Japanese research team from the University of Tokyo has developed a flexible, disposable organic sensor designed to indicate when a user is in need of a diaper changing. The sensor is placed in a smart diaper, which sends an alert to a defined wireless number should the user require a new diaper. The circuit is printed on a plastic film and is fully wireless, transmitting information and receiving a charge all without pesky wires. The sensor detects wetness, pressure temperature and “other phenomena that cause a change in electrical resistance,” a.k.a flatulence.

“If sensing is done electronically, you can tell simply by coming close to the wearer — without unclothing him or her,” – Takao Someya

The smart diaper is designed to aid the Japanese in the care of their elderly. The sensor could also be used in a variety of different ways, which will come after the device has been optimized a bit more.

via: Japan Daily Press

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