Flappy Osama is a Flappy Bird Clone You’ve Gotta See to Believe

While Flappy Bird may be gone from the Google Play Store, there is no shortage of Flappy Bird clones out there at the moment. The games play mostly the same as Flappy Birds, just with new characters and level designs. Some of them are 8-bit, some a little more animated. But nothing comes close to Flappy Osama, a Flappy Bird like game that puts you in charge of keeping Osama afloat. Wow.

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While the game is good for a laugh, it’s not something you’d want to be caught playing for too long. NSA spying aside, it just doesn’t play that well, with taps registering just a little later than Flappy Bird or Happy Poo Flap for that matter. It’s full of adware too, prompting you to download some crappy app each time you start a new game.

That being said, give the game a whirl if the premise of a Flappy Osama cracks you up. If not, you probably won’t get much out of this game.

Are you up for it? Grab Flappy Osama from the Google Play Store here! Happy flapping.



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