Microsoft’s Bing Now Converts Bitcoin to Fiat Currencies

It’s not very often that Microsoft beats anyone to the punch, but the Redmond company just did. Microsoft has added Bitcoin to the list of currencies the search engine can natively convert, while Google’s Chrome and search products still do not. Bing uses Coinbase to determine the price of Bitcoin.

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The addition of Bitcoin in addition to traditional Fiat currencies signals the growing acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. While there are many other virtual currencies out there, such as Dogecoin and Litcoin just to name a few, Bitcoin is the one that shows the most promise at the moment, and definitely the most profits. The currency is currently trading at around $650 for one Bitcoin, and usually hovers in the ballpark of $900 or so a coin. That’s not bad for a currency which was born in 2005.

Hopefully, this move by Microsoft helps light the fire underneath Google’s ass to include crytocurrencies in the company’s currency conversion. Only time will tell.

via: Windows Phone Central

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