This is the HTC M8!


We’ll be waiting for another month or so to see HTC officially announcing the M8, and in the meantime we’ll keep collecting and sharing all of the leaks we come across.

After seeing the M8 from behind, we know have its front to show you, compliments of @HTCFamily_RU.

As you can see for yourself, capacitive buttons are dumped for on-screen ones, the fact that should apparently allow HTC to make the M8 as big as its last year’s flagship, HTC One. We would love it even more if the company managed to cram its logo on some other place to make for a more compact device. Or we’re asking too much. What do you think?


  • Harold Goldner

    That’s a hell of a lot of space for the htc logo. Wonder whether that’s just an IP marking issue for now in the images. Put the Verizon logo in there somewhere and it’s going to start looking like a Fox newscast.

  • Matt Phillips

    What thehell is the point of getting rid of capacitive buttons then? I thought it was to make the screen bigger and was excited about the clean front and then they decide to put the logo in the same spot and have on screen buttons which will take up more space then on the 2013 HTC ONE! C’mon HTC this is a huge mistake if so.

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