New Angry Birds on the Way? Sure Looks Like It!

A new Angry Birds is on its way! While we’re not sure what to expect from the upcoming adventure, it looks as if Rovio is going to be making some major changes to the Angry Birds universe with the new release. While we don’t have much information yet from Rovio about the new game, we do have a few tweets which follows below.

Rovio’s tweeted teaser image shows a design that is a huge departure from Angry Birds games thus far, and carries the text #NewAngryBirds. This makes us think that Rovio’s going out on the edge here, possibly creating an Angry Birds game with totally redesigned visual aesthetics.

We’ll have to wait and see what Rovio has in store for us. Until then, we can salivate over the teaser image. Or, play some Flappy Bird!

via: Twitter

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