How to Install Flappy Bird on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Flappy Bird may be gone from Apple’s App Store, but the flapping continues! While there is a pretty simple way to get Flappy Bird installed on your Android device even after its disappearance from the app store, iOS users have been out of luck with no way to play the addictive game if they hadn’t downloaded it to their device yet. Luckily, Maddy over at came up with an awesome guide on how to install Flappy Bird on your iOS device. It requires a little doing, but could be well worth your time.

TechZend’s method requires that your iOS device be jailbroken, so make sure your device is before proceeding. If not, the guide provides a few resources for getting started with jailbreaking your iOS device.

Remember, jailbreaking voids your warranty with Apple, so make sure you look into the details before you go jailbreaking your device. Also make sure you do your resarch before following the guide. While it looks legit to me, I cannot vouch for the methods or software that are included in TechZend’s guide. There’s no doubt that there are quite a few Flappy Bird clones out there which carry with them malware and other nasties, so proceed at your own risk.

Ok, enough disclaimer for you? If you feel up to a little iPhone tinkering, head on over to and check out their guide on how to install Flappy Bird on your iOS device. Happy flapping!

via: TechZend





    The guy deleted this from the appstore for a good reason, for fuck’s sake take one of the 150 similar games that could be found instead.

  • Jasbond

    I did the whole stinking guide on my 3GS and FLAPPY BIRD doesn’t show in the search. WHY NOT?!!?!?!!

    • Because the app has been removed from the appcake store, another method to install this flappy bird game has been added in that article. You can follow that one and install this awesome game. Appsync on your iPhone is already installed so you are just require to follow the other steps. By the way i am maddy who have written that article. 🙂

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