Personalize your HTC One with a Double Dip Case for $29.99

HTC One Double Dip Case

It’s really hard to get a cool case for the HTC One. The phone itself is already sexy enough and putting it into a case could only make it look less desirable. Except if you know what kind of colors you’re looking for. Then, you may want to go for one of HTC’s own Double Dip Cases, which are now selling for 30 bucks.

What makes this case special is the ability to select a different color for each part of the case. You can go for one color for the top, one for the body and one for the bottom. The end result could look something like the image above.

Again, this seems reserved for fashionistas among us; cause most us prefer the HTC One as it is, with little or no protection whatsoever. Presuming you like these cases, we’re eager to know – what’s your color combination?

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