LG G3 may have eye and fingerprint recognition?

LG G3 may have eye and fingerprint recognition?

The recently launched G Pro 2 won’t be the only hot device LG will launch in 2014. Closer to the end of the year, the company will unveil the G3, a successor to its rock-solid G2 smartphone.

Once it’s out, that model will be one of the best smartphones one could buy. At least that was the case with the G2, and we’ve no reasons to believe the G3 will be any different in that regard. Heck, recent rumors suggest LG is considering eye and fingerprint recognition for its flagship smartphone.

After the LG G Pro 2 has been unveiled in Korea, LG’s Cho Sung Ha was asked about these two [fingerprint and eye recognition] sensors on the G3, and he said they are “considering the possibility of making such technology available.”

It’s far from the firm commitment but definitely the step in right direction. Chances are LG will look at what Samsung is doing with its Galaxy S5 and try to come up with a better device. And since the G3 will be unveiled few months after Sammy’s flagship debuts, we’re pretty confident they’ll succeed in that effort.

Thus far we’ve heard that LG G3 will rock a 2K screen (2048×1556 pixels), super-fast quad- or octa-core chip (possibly Snapdragon 805), 3GB of RAM, and a powerful camera with OIS Plus technology on the back. LG will also include a number of software tweaks on top of Android like “Knock Code” which was introduced with the G Pro 2. Yeah, we can’t wait for this monster phone. 😉

[Via: G4Games]

  • Glen Rivett

    Hopefully it won’t have a cheap shiny plastic build ,put some premium materials into the phone, make the phone premium all the way not just the specs it makes a difference.

    • Shawn Turner

      Having expensive materials on something that you will keep for a long time, such as for headphones, makes sense. But for a phone, it’s a little overkill. I bought my g2 for $450, and I am completely happy. The most important things to me are the screen, camera, processor, and interface. I was considering the HTC one. But side by side, there was just no comparison. I would however like better sound, like the front facing speakerS on the HTC one. But, after having the g2, I am going to be leaning heavy towards Lg in the future.

      • Glen Rivett

        Fair comment,I don’t agree but each to there own I guess.I had the g2 ,and overall it was a good phone but that cheap plastic just put me off keeping it.So I have the stealth black HTC ONE, and although on paper the specs are better,in day to day use I can’t say I saw or felt any real difference,and the build quality on the Htc One is so much better,so in my eyes the htc one is the better phone,but like Ivsaid each ti there own.

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