Qualcomm Toq SDK now available for developers

Qualcomm Toq SDK now available for developers

Qualcomm has launched the Toq SDK, inviting developers to make apps for this fancy smart watch. The strategy that seems to be working for Pebble may also prove useful for the chip-making giant, though you never know.

Despite rocking that fancy Mirasol display (which looks like million bucks compared to Pebble’s screen), the Toq never really managed to grab the headlines as Pebble did. Pebble’s strength lies in its simplicity and all the support it got during the Kickstarter campaign, but Qualcomm has significant resources to make this a winning product.

Alas, we’re not sure they actually want to pursue something made for end-users, and would rather focus their attention into serving their business customers – OEMs.

We are glad to see the SDK is out and are looking forward to see some great apps being released, eventually expanding the Toq’s capabilities beyond notifications…

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