How To Turn Your Smartphone Into an Old Timey Pinhole Camera and Other DIY Hacks

Smartphone cameras are the de-facto standard of photography these days, with plenty of apps and manufacturer software optimized to make those snaps look even cooler and more impressive than the originals. Apps such as Instagram and social networking sites like Google+ use preset camera settings and filters to make new pictures look old. While these software solutions are commonplace, not many of us think about DIY ways of creating our own filters. An article from ZDNet takes a look at ways we can all modify our smartphone cameras on our own, using a little bit of tape, cardboard and a little imagination.

One of the coolest hacks is one that makes your smartphone an old timey pinhole camera. The DIY hack was detailed by blogger Robyn Wright, and the results are amazing.

A step-by-step guide showing how to create a smartphone pinhole camera created by Robyn follows below, and requires only some scotch tape, a needle and a bit of cardboard.

This isn’t the only smartphone camera hack out there, with ZDNet detailing nine more hacks for your DIY pleasure. If the guide above is a little too vague for you, head over to Robyn Wright’s website where she steps us through the process in a little more detail.

Happy hacking!

via: ZDNet , Robyn’s Online World

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