On-Contract Verizon Moto X Now Just A Penny Through MotoMaker

Moto X coming to France, Germany and the UK on February 1st

If you haven’t picked up the Moto X yet, now is the time. If you’re into a contract, that is. The Moto X can now be purchased on-contract through MotoMaker at a discounted price, provided you sign a new two-year contract with either AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. If you’re not into contracts, that’s okay too. Motorola is selling the off-contract 16GB Moto X for $329.99 in a sale that runs until this Saturday, February 22nd.

The best deal on the ledger is with Verizon, which will sell you the Moto X for just $0.01. A AT&T variant of the device will run you $49.99, while Sprint’s Moto X isn’t much of a deal at all with a $99 price tag.

Head over to the MotoMaker website now to get your hands on a Moto X for just a penny!

via: PhoneArena


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