LTE-enabled Moto G coming to AT&T?

LTE-enabled Moto G coming to AT&T?

AT&T may soon add Moto G to its portfolio of prepaid phones, or at least the newly discovered Motorola “Peregrine” (model number XT1045) suggests something like that.

This phone, in case you wonder, was caught while being tested at GFX Bench. From there, we get to learn about its screen size (4.5-inch 720p display) and the chip it uses (1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400), both of which confirm this rumor. LTE, unfortunately, was not mentioned, but The Droid Guy, thinks this unit could also pack a 4G radio.

As that’s usually the case, nothing is official until it’s official. Meanwhile, we’ll keep following the rumormill and let you know as soon as we have something new to add.

Personally, I think it does make a lot of sense for AT&T to enhance its GoPhone portfolio with a modern smartphone. Considering the fact that Moto G brings a hard-to-beat value for money, this rumor seems right on target – the Moto G is perfect device for any prepaid offering. Or so we think…

  • Ford Terrill

    I want to get one for Tmobile

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