Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to be a Tizen-powered device?

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to be a Tizen-powered device?

A new report by USA Today says that the next Samsung Galaxy Gear could run Tizen rather than Android. In a similar fashion, we have The Verge reporting that the Korean giant is working on more than one smart watch.

The fact that any future Galaxy Gear will run Tizen could pretty much make existing developers’ efforts meaningless… or, Tizen-powered smart watch could be able to run those (Android) apps with no special modifications. Moreover, Sammy could allow developers to use one SDK to communicate with various Galaxy Gear models, whether they run Android or Tizen. Notifications shouldn’t be a big deal, after all. Or so we think.

In any case, we do think Samsung will want to bring Tizen to any number of different devices and form factors, and in that sense we wouldn’t be surprised to see a smart watch running the nascent platform.

We hope to get all answers next week when Samsung may unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 along with other products at Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned as we bring you more…

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