Samsung patents smart S Pen with call-making capabilities

Samsung patents smart S Pen with call-making capabilities

Samsung is apparently looking to expand the functionality of its S Pen stylus. According to a new patent filing revealed by PatentBolt, the Korean company is working on a smart S Pen stylus, one that would include call-making capabilities. That’s right, Sammy wants you to answer phone calls on a stylus, so you don’t have to interrupt the thing you’re doing on tablet at any given moment.

We’re still not sure how this S Pen will look like, but chances are it will be bigger than what we have today. Simply put, the battery, microphone and speaker take some space, so we’ll probably get a thicker stylus as a result. Hopefully, they’ll manage to make this S Pen charging while being docked inside a Galaxy Note tablet.

Of course, we’re not sure whether something like this will be released any time soon. We do think Samsung needs to up its game in order to justify hefty premiums it’s asking for its tablets.

It’s also important to note that we’ve already seen a stylus that can be used as wireless headset; Asus unveiled it as a handy accessory for the original Padfone, allowing users to easily take (and make) phone calls even when the device is not in the tablet mode (and they don’t want to use the speakerphone).

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