Taiwanese Animators Liken King’s Candy Crush Saga to Crack in This Hilarious Animation

An animated video from Taiwanese Animators comparing King’s Candy Crush Saga to hard drugs has hit YouTube, and its the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long while. The video mocks the mobile game company’s business strategies, just a day after the company filed for its first IPO.

There is no doubt that King’s Candy Crush Saga was a megahit which propelled the small mobile game studio into the spotlight, paving the way for the company’s upcoming IPO which could become reality soon. King has stacked racks of cash thanks to Candy Crush Saga, but is having trouble replicating the game’s success with its recent offerings.

We shall see if King indeed does launch its IPO soon. Until then, check out the hilarious parody animation from Taiwanese Animators below.

via: Business Insider

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