Nokia Treasure Tag, the small device that will keep your valuable in place, is now officially official

Nokia Treasure Tag

Some time ago we’ve told you that Nokia is working on the Treasure Tag, a small device made to complement the company’s smartphones and allow users to keep their valuables in place. Well, it’s now officially official and will soon hit the stores all around the world.

Measuring just 30 x 30 x 10 mm and weighing in at just 13 grams, the Nokia Treasure Tag is a small enough to be attached to a key chain. And that’s the idea – to always know where your keys are. At the same time, you will also know where your smartphone is, cause the Tag communicates with a Lumia smartphone.

Thanks to the built-in NFC technology, pairing is as seamless as it should be. You can connect up to four different Nokia Treasure Tags to also keep track of your bag, purse or whatever. God forbid you lose something, you’ll hear an audible sound to easily locate your lost item. Plus, you can see it on a map, which will display the last known location. Powerful stuff.

Nokia Treasure Tag will be available in four different colors: cyan, yellow, white and black; with a recommended retail price of €24,90 ($29.90). It is expected to start selling in April to retailers globally. Right from the bet, the Treasure Tag will work with Lumia phones that have the Lumia Black update; there will also be third-party applications for Android and iOS devices.

Nokia Treasure Tag

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