HTC working on no less than three wearable devices: Qualcomm Toq-based watch, Google Now watch and a smart band


These are not fun days for HTC and its shareholders. Samsung has been eating the Taiwanese company’s lunch for the last few years and now HTC is looking to “go beyond smartphones.” And which better market better to target than wearables, which [market] is a new darling of the media.

According to AndroidCentral’s report, the handset maker is working on no less than three different wearable devices.

One of them will be a Qualcomm Toq-based smart watch that will use a Mirasol color display and functionality similar to Qualcomm’s device. Bloomberg goes on to suggest that a prototype unit will be shown to select carrier partners in Barcelona, meaning the rest of us won’t get the chance to play with it.

The other wearable device is a Google Now watch that will obviously act based on user’s voice commands, while serving “all the right information” quickly and easily. This model may boast an AMOLED screen, running some (scaled-down?) version of Android.

Finally, HTC is also looking into making a smart band that can (similarly to other such devices) track user’s health habits, singing along any number of fitness tracking apps, while enabling music control from the wrist.

It is said that none if these devices has hit the production phase and that HTC is still testing waters. The company, however, does plan to launch its first wearable device by Christmas. We’ll let you know when we hear something new on this…

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