Nokia X shows its face just before MWC kicks off in Barcelona

Nokia X leak

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Nokia will announce its very first Android smartphone next week in Barcelona. Everyone knows that, but we can’t stop from showing this phone’s face again and again.

From what we know — and this latest image certainly proves that — the Nokia X aka Normandy will be a low-end device with custom UI that looks like it’s made by Microsoft. The Finnish company will additionally make sure you forget who’s behind the platform by bundling its own HERE maps and Nokia store. They can’t miss YouTube, though.

While we applaud Nokia for taking this step we can’t but wonder how the mobile market would look like if they opted for Android rather than Windows Phone “back in the days.” We’re not that far away from the day when Microsoft will own Nokia, pretty much ending what used to be one of the biggest mobile success stories ever. Can’t help but feel a bit sad…


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