Report: Android 4.5 and Nexus 8 Releasing in July, Not at Google I/O 2014

According to a report from Phone Arena, Google will announce a new version of Android KitKat, Android 4.5 and the Nexus 8 tablet in July, weeks after the company’s Google I/O developer conference. Google will instead turn the focus of Google I/O to upcoming services, much like last Google I/O last year where no huge Android announcements were made.

Google will also make the move from 7 inch tablets to 8 inch tablets, according to a source from Google’s Dublin offices. The Nexus 8 is expected to be manufactured by Asus.

The report doesn’t shed any new light on what the specs of the Nexus 8 could be, or what Google has in store for us with Android 4.5. But if last year’s release of Android KitKat is any indication, we will probably see incremental changes made to Google’s mobile OS instead of a groundbreaking update.

via: Phone Arena

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