Forget the M8: HTC’s One Successor Could Be Called the HTC One Up

MWC 2013 is upon us, with wave upon wave of smartphone and gadget flooding out senses. In the midst of all of this madness, HTC has just dropped HTC M8 speculators a little bone. That bone has to do with the name of HTC’s 2014 flagship smartphone and successor to the HTC One which is set to be unveiled at a HTC event on march 25th. Known by the codename M8, HTC’s next device has also been called the All New One, HTC One Two and HTC One+. With all of these names floating around in the rumor mill, it’s no stretch to believe that HTC could be calling their next device the HTC One Up.

In response to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 unveiling, HTC released a few tweets that took aim at Samsung. One of the tweets promises GS5 customers buyers remorse, while the other proclaims, “Hope they’re ready to be one-upped.” Both tweets carry the #HTCOneUp hashtag, which could be HTC nonchalantly giving us the proper name of their next device.


Wheteher HTC names their next device the HTC One Up or what have you, it’s gonna be one hell of a device. We won’t have to wait long either, HTC’s Unpacked event will occur on March 25th.

What do you think HTC’s next device will be named? Let us know in the comments.

  • It’s 2014…

  • jtw

    Who would read that and think that means it’s the name of the device? That’s stupid. It’s just a play on words.

    • bobbyp

      That is why it is called click bait. I am getting sick of people writing words and calling it an article. In other new HTC is rumored to have a phone coming out and we don’t know exactly what it will be called yet.

  • David Foggia

    Dumbest article about the M8. It’s a play on words shit head

  • Colton Williams

    I promise. That’s not what they meant.

  • Sayersttu

    I think that’s the best name yet

  • dukens saint vil

    Why can’t they just call the next phone htc two? What so hard about that. That way customers will not be confused

  • micahsauce

    i think that is the best possible name actually… it will get HTC attention for sure. im getting one first day

  • djinn123

    After “One Up” then what? “One Up Too”? -__-

  • Sal Monella

    HTC Word Up

  • Juan Harris

    Why don’t they just call it HTC ONE second generation.

  • Big D

    This writer is a retard 2 pictures were posted directed at the Samsung S5 it’s just a play on words meaning they’re going to better the S5 with the new One … Hence the “HTC One-upped”

    • Agreed.
      I don’t see anything in the Author blurb that makes him qualified to write about mobile technology. And he proves it with this “article”.

  • ray

    MWC 2013 is upon us? Ain’t it 2014?

  • Jim Hoy

    Either the HTC Neo or maybe it’ll be called the HTC Bob Costas. Yep, I went there.

  • Masson Liang

    Author is clearly a dud.

    Read in between the lines, buddy. It’s *clearly* going to be called the HTC One-upped.

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