T-Mobile Upgrades JUMP!, Includes Tablets in Early Upgrade Program

T-Mobile’s JUMP! early device trade-in program has been given a few tweaks, allowing T-Mobile customers more flexibility when it comes to upgrading to a new smartphone. The program, which launched mid-2013 allows T-Mobile customers to upgrade their devices more frequently in exchange for paying a little bit more each month. Pretty much every major carrier in the U.S. has copycatted the JUMP! program, Verizon with Edge and AT&T with Next, but none offer the options that the magenta carrier does.

Today’s improvements to JUMP! include adding tablets to the program, as well as eliminating the six month waiting period that JUMP! customers had to endure before upgrading their devices. Customers can now trade in their old device and receive full credit on all remaining payments on the traded in device. T-Mobile has also lifted limits on how many times you can upgrade a device, allowing customers to trade in devices as many times as they’d like.

Device protection is also included in the JUMP! program, a pretty sweet deal considering protection usually runs about $10 a month anyway.

If you’ve been thinking of switching to T-Mobile, now could just be the time.

For more info, check out T-Mobile’s blog where Mike Seivert lays it all out.

via: T-Mobile

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