This case can turn any smartphone into a YotaPhone, all with the e-ink screen

InkCase Lite

Singapore-based announced OAXIS unveiled an innovative phone case called InkCase Lite that promises to turn any device into a YotaPhone. Yup, this means that with this case you get an e-ink based panel on the back. The problem, however, is that the case has its own battery that makes the entire setting thicker. Still, it could be well worth the extra bulkiness as you get more room to save things like quotes, boarding passes or just to read while on the go.

Previously OAXIS was offering cases for just a few devices, including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2. This new case should apparently work with any number of different phones due to its universal nature. Now we’re not sure how universal the InkCase Lite really is and can only hope for the best (we haven’t tried it out ourselves).

We do know that the company will be offering an SDK to allow developers to extend the functionality of this case, and let apps beam stuff to the e-ink display. One could instantly imagine different kinds of notifications popping up on that e-ink screen, but who knows – we may see something even cooler.

OAXIS is yet to announce pricing and other details about the InkCase Lite. Considering that the original e-ink case currently costs $149, we’re pretty certain this won’t be a cheap product…

[Via: PhoneArena]

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