Pokemon Gold and Silver Get the 3D Treatment in Pokemon 3D for Oculus Rift

Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS? That’s not 3D. Pokemon 3D for the Oculus Rift is.

Pokemon 3D is a reimagining of the classic Pokemon Gold and Silver games for the Game Boy in the 3D world of the Oculus Rift. Much like the Legend of Zelda remake we recently saw for the Oculus Rift, Pokemon 3D keeps the 8-bit style of the old Pokemon games, applying the previous 2D world to a 3D environment.

Apparently, Pokemon 3D has been in development for quite some time, and just added itself the crazy world that is all things Oculus Rift. Head on over to the team’s website to download and play the latest version of Pokemon 3D.

via: The Verge, Pokemon 3D

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