Super-secure Blackphone now available for pre-order for $629


Folks looking for an extra piece of mind may like the Blackphone, a device that brings Android security to a whole new level. Product of Geeksphone and Silent Circle, it runs a custom version of Google’s mobile OS called PrivatOS and ships with pre-installed apps to enable private calls, texting, video chats, file exchange up to 100MB, as well as private browsing and conference calls.

In addition, Blackphone will automatically disable all Wi-Fi connections except for previously defined trusted hotspots, while providing users with frequent secure updates. These apps come bundled with every phone purchase and include two years worth of free subscription; the same apps such as Silent Phone, Silent Text, Silent Text and Silent Contacts can also be downloaded for free for other Android and iOS devices though a monthly subscription fee is required. The encrypted call and encrypted text feature only works if the person you are calling to or sending a text message to also has Silent Circle services running on their device.

Blackphone primarily targets business and government clients, but it will take money from everyone, as long as they want to pay $629 for the privilege.

Finally, the specs – this secure smartphone comes with a 2GHz quad-core chip, 4.7-inch HD IPS display, LTE connectivity support, Bluetooth 4.0, dual cameras, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

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