This is how BlackBerry Q20 could look like… or not

BlackBerry Q20 concept

A few days ago BlackBerry announced two new phones, the Z3 for Indonesia, and QWERTY keyboard-equipped Q20. Thus far we’ve only seen the former while the latter will be unveiled later in the year.

That, however, doesn’t stop designers from coming up with their own mockups. And what you can see on the image above doesn’t come from BlackBerry but one designer who shared its work through BBM Channels.

We kinda like how this Q20 concept looks like. However, we doubt the end product will look like this. First of all, BlackBerry OS 10 requires more bezel around the screen for its gesture-based magic to work. So the end-result will be a slightly bigger device. Moreover, I’m hoping that the extra space at the bottom will be used for a bigger Shift key — if we already have that trackpad, we would want to use it to select some text. So a bigger Shift is required. At least that’s my take. How do you like this Q20 concept?

[Via: CrackBerry]

  • Willie D

    Give it up BlackBerry! Your designs are both unflattering and desperate.

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