Google Holding Project Ara Developers’ Conference in April

Motorola Project Ara

Project Ara has found itself in the hands of Google after the company sold off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo this last January. The modular smartphone will be getting its very own developers’ conference in April. The Project Ara developers’ conference will mostly take place online, with a handful developers attending on-site conferences at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

The Project Ara developer conference in April will be the first in a series of devcons focused on the Project Ara concept. AT the first conference, developers will be able to get a full walk-through of the Project Ara Module Developers’ Kit (MDK) which is expected to be released in April. Along with detailing all things Ara oriented, Google will be holding prize challenges for developers as well as community feedback sessions which will allow for open, candid discussion of Project Ara development. Google will have the full Project Ara developers’ conference schedule in a few weeks, accessible at

The Developers’ Conference, as the name suggests, is a forum targeted at developers so priority for on-site attendance will reflect this. For others – non-developers and Ara enthusiasts – we welcome you to join us via the live webstream. That said, we invite developers of all shapes and sizes: from major OEMs to innovative component suppliers to startups and new entrants into the mobile space. – Google ATAP

Project Ara is a smartphone concept and prototype which is assembled as many interchangeable parts, allowing consumers to swap out smartphone components as they please. Instead of buying a brand new smartphone, as Project Ara’s reasoning goes, why not just buy a new CPU or RAM module to make your service snappier? It’s a novel and amazing concept for sure, but goes against the very model that manufacturers currently live by. You know, planned obsolete.

With Google’s recent sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, many were worried that Project Ara would be scrapped. That wasn’t the case, as Google held on to Project Ara with the sale of Motorola Mobility.

Look for the Project Ara developers’ conference schedule in the coming weeks.

via: SlashGear

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