HTC Babel Concept: A 10″ Tablet that runs Windows or Android

From the fanciful world of concept designs comes a 10 inch HTC tablet, the HTC Babel. The concept was created by Facebook user Phone Designer, who took HTC’s design aesthetics and rendered a very thin and sleek-looking tablet that can run either Windows or Android. Quite a novel idea, and one that we would love to see come to fruition.

The HTC Babel concept showcases a device with a 10 inch screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio with two possible resolutions, 1920 x 1440p and 2560 x 1920p.The Babel rocks an aluminum body, which highly resembles the design aesthetics of the HTC One and recently released HTC Desire smartphones. The Babel does not tout a rear fingerprint sensor like HTC’s HTC One Max phablet does, but ti does have HTC’s awesome BoomSound speakers in tow. Also included is a stylus, something that would be a first for HTC.

Check out the amazing renders below. Would you like to see a 10 inch tablet from HTC? Let us know in the comments below.

via: Phone Designer

  • raylan

    So HTC have never produced a tablet with stylus before huh?
    How about the HTC flyer from 2010 lol.
    Who does your research is it the muppets or the sesame street gang?

  • big bird

    Definitely the sedans street crew.
    The Muppets all have ipads..

  • ben moliere

    When and if they had made one like this with of course great specs, I would buy one. I love my laptop but I am tired of logging it everywhere when I travel.

  • guest

    Interesting article. This is my own perspective. HTC has been smart enough to wait it out… the market is as ripe as ever now. Also Microsoft is getting their shit together and Windows 9 should be the next XP. 2015 should be a starting of a new decade era of an “all-sync phone,tablet, TV, game console, smartcar, wearable computing” period for different platforms. If Microsoft plays its cards right, they might actually be on to something. For the last decade, Apple was dealt bad cards but they won a few recent battles. Microsoft always had good cards but never had the smarts and strategy to win. Now with the idea of making Windows 9 free for use using Bing, they can instantly restore all low hitpoints/mana to full and level up their cards to fight again Apple and Google.

  • Nick

    I am still currently using my three year old iPad, putting off the inevitable upgrade to an Android tablet. If HTC do bring out a truly competitive tablet, I will be purchasing it within the week!

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