Nokia X Devices Won’t Make an Appearance in North America, Korea or Japan

Nokia’s line of affordable Android smartphones won’t be landing in the U.S., Canada, Korea and Japan, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday. The Nokia X, X+ and XL are all destined for emerging markets such as India, China, Thailand and Indonesia. The Nokia X will continue to rollout to South American countries and Mexico, landing pretty much everywhere except Europe and North America.

This move makes sense for Nokia, given the entry-level specs of the devices, which are considered pretty unimpressive to the Western markets. Since the Nokia X family runs a very Nokia tailored experience of Android, one which doesn’t utilize the Google Play Store and runs mostly Microsoft apps, Western users used to the full feature set of Android will likely find themselves frustrated with Nokia’s new devices. With most cellphone users in North America and Europe already using smartphones, it makes sense for Nokia to peddle their low-cost Windows heavy Android phone elsewhere.

That’s not surprising news, and the Nokia X line is certainly tailored to first-time smartphones owners who don’t have a lot of spare cash to shell out for a mobile device. The Nokia X is priced at €89, the Nokia X+ €99 and the Nokia XL at €109. With prices like these, Nokia could see the Nokia X take off around the world.

While the Nokia X devices won’t be sold directly in the U.S. or Europe, that doesn’t mean that customers in those countries won’t be able to get their hands on one. But then again, why would you?

via: Unwired View , Nokia

  • Gregory C Newman

    I heard a Nokia rep say he’s been working on the “X” phone for awhile now. I am sure that Nokia smart phone engineers have versions of the “X” phones designed for the
    developed World The USA, Japan and ect They may not even be branded as “X’ phones because their specs are too high for that. It’s up to Microsoft’s CEO Nadella
    to give the go ahead for their testing and manufacturing. The USA Carriers will bug
    Microsoft for a Nokia Android OS higher spec smart phone because they have a lot of
    Android customers who will enthusiastically buy a higher end Nokia Android OS smart phone especially with a Pure view camera. Microsoft could make quite a lot of Money selling them to the USA Android community and getting revenue from selling Microsoft
    items through an “XBOX” app and other Microsoft Apps in the Nokia Android phone store. The thing is does Microsoft have the guts to do this by the time they do the Android community not Google will create the apps that will enable Google play store apps to be easily be put on the Nokia Android OX smart phones in fact they are already
    showing it being done in Barcelona. Hmm android with Microsoft services , Games ect
    could mean huge profits for Microsoft. I think Microsoft should go for it.

  • Gregory C Newman

    I know this a real crazy Idea but who knows Google itself could make an App to sell get
    Google play access on the Nokia Android “X” Phones. WHY?= because the profit from the sales of the Google apps people will buy through that app will offset the Patent license fees Google pays to Microsoft .

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