75% of existing Android apps will be compatible with Nokia X

Nokia X app compatibility analyzer

The newly announced Nokia X series may be Android-based devices but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to run all apps out of box. According to the Finnish company, around 75% of existing Android apps will work without a problem, while 25% will require certain tweaks.

As far as I can tell, the problem occurs with apps that require access to Google’s APIs which don’t come preloaded with any of the Nokia X smartphones. Those apps will have to be tweaked to sing along Nokia’s or Microsoft’s services, (for instance) relying on HERE maps rather than Google Maps.

To make it easier for developers, Nokia launch an app compatibility analyzer which will let app makers know whether any modification is needed before publishing their Android app to Nokia Store.

There’s a whole section at Nokia Developers website dedicated to Nokia X smartphones; you can check it out from here.

[Via: NokiaPowerUser]

  • Gregory C Newman

    If the “X” phones are to succeed Nokia has to put out a nice welcome mat and Aid developers to create apps for the “X” phones.I think they are doing just that. All Eyes are Microsoft because the Nokia “X” phones will belong to them in a Few weeks when the Deal to Purchase most of Nokia’s mobile phone assets is completed. So far it looks like Microsoft will support the X phones because new revenue will come to Microsoft
    through selling Microsoft services and items to the very large android community. However Microsoft CEO Mr. Nadella has to OK the production of a High end Nokia style Android OS smart phone based on the Lumia 920. 925 or Verizon 928 specs with their Pure vue camera to really make some money and get respect from the Android community.Windows smart phones will continue to gain customers but it wont hurt Microsoftat all to get Millions of Die hard Android customers ether and they can do it
    if they want to bad enough.I Own and like my Widows 8 smart phone Which is going to get a really good upgrades with new features this year. for Microsoft to survive and thrive it will have step out of it’s old box and be bold enough to put their software every
    where even on Android devices for those who like Android.

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