New Tony Hawk Game To Be A Mobile Exclusive

We’re sure plenty of you have spent a good amount of time playing Tony Hawk games on old gaming consoles at one point or another, but soon you’ll be able to kickflip and bail from your own smartphone. The latest title in the Tony Hawk game series is set to be a mobile exclusive, and it should land sometime this year.

While a new Tony Hawk game built exclusively for mobile makes sense, we’re definitely a bit skeptical. We can expect a set of new controls for touchscreen devices, but just how said input controls will work, or how well they’ll be implemented remains to be seen. Some tricks involved with the console versions of the popular skateboarding game series can get pretty intricate, so we might end up seeing dumbed down controls for the mobile title. Maybe not.

Little else is known about the upcoming game, or whether it will be a free or paid application when it finally debuts. Either way, we’re still pretty excited to see the series take a new direction in our pockets.

[Via: Joystiq]

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