Project Ara devices to start at $50

Project Ara devices to start at $50

We’ve told you that Google is preparing to hold the first Project Ara conference in April. Now we have a new tidbit to add to the story — the Mountain View-based company is looking to make these devices as affordable as possible.

According to Time (brought to our attention by AndroidCentral), the basic “grayphone” will come with low-end components and a price tag of just $50. Users will then be able to add better screen, faster processor, more RAM and everything else for extra cash. However, with such low starting price, Google will be able to make Project Ara phones affordable even in the emerging markets of the world, all while serving them their own apps and services.

The report goes on suggesting that the idea is to have specialized kiosks where customers can purchase and customize their grayphones, complete with the tooling to add the needed modules.

Sounds pretty darn awesome; too bad will have to wait for another year to see the first Project Ara phones hitting the market. ;(

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