All New HTC One clears the FCC hurdle!

All New HTC One clears the FCC hurdle!

The All New HTC One has cleared Uncle Sam’s certification process and is now ready to be sold on the U.S. soil. In fact, we’re talking about not one but several different versions of HTC’s 2014 flagship smartphone.

All 4 major operators (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) will get their unit, and so will few smaller players which networks rely on 4G LTE bands 4 and 17. In addition, the government-employed engineers were also able to play with the international model, marked as NM80P6B100.

As that’s usually the case, FCC’s listings rarely go into details we care about the most (like what’s that second rear camera all about). We did learn that the 3.5mm headset jack will be placed at the bottom (rather than top) of the phone.

The Taiwanese company will officially announce the new HTC One on March 25th when we should get all other details. Chances are, this bad boy will launch simultaneously across a number of operators all around the world… More to come, obviously.

[Via: PhoneArena]

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