BlackBerry testing BBM ads as we speak

BlackBerry testing BBM ads as we speak

BlackBerry has started testing ads in BBM, BerryReview is reporting. According to their sources, users have been seeing some ads within certain Beta Zone builds of BBM.

There are apparently two different kinds of ads – sponsored invites and sponsored channels. The former will show up in the invites section of BBM, while sponsored channel posts will show up in the updates section of BBM.

Yeah, it kinda reminds us on what Twitter is doing and we can only hope this scheme will also work for the Canadian company.

It’s not an easy task to monetize an IM client these days. Ads can be annoying and users can always switch platforms, and use something that comes with little or no ads at all. Then again, at one point all IM clients will need to get some money and ads seems like the best solution (so that the app itself remains free for end users)….

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